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Good, Thanks

Friday, April 13, 2012

It's a question we hear often.  A brief conversation casually exchanged without any real thought in the content. Everyone asks it, just as common as “How are you?” or “What’s New?”  And typically the response feels empty; a pleasantry.

“How’s work?”

Can you guess the response? “Good, thanks.”  How many times do you hear it a week? A day even? Do you ever stop and wonder really, how someone’s work is?

What did that person do today? How many individuals did they interact with, impact, or change their circumstances?  Did they leave the office feeling fulfilled?  Do they emotionally “bring their work home”?  All these thoughts swim through my mind when I ask someone how their work is going and they give the socially acceptable response. 

Sometimes I feel badly for people to even start the conversation with me. A “Good, thanks!” is the last response in the world I would give.  When someone asks me about work, the next thing you know 15 minutes have passed and I’m wiping tears from my face having just shared a story about one of the thousands of patients we see every year with dire circumstances.  I talk about how challenged I feel, how important it is to find a solution to everyone’s unique and individual health care situation, and how proud I am to tell the world what I do.

Mostly, it’s a reflection of who I am.  You asking me how work is going equates to you asking me if I’m personally fulfilled. 

So yes, work is wonderful, thank you!  We are finally settling into our new location and running like the well-oiled machine we hoped to be.  We are expanding the number of patients we see every day, recruiting more doctors to serve our community, empowering more patients to take control of their health care journey, and working together with other community partners to be the solution to a lack of coverage in our community.  Every day I get to talk to people about how they can inspire change by supporting Doctors Care.  Every day, I get to make a difference. I am personally and professionally fulfilled.  I get to give, every single day.  It deserves so much more than a two word response. 

“Good, thanks” doesn’t even cover the half of it.


Blog post contributed by Doctors Care Development Director Whitney Abraham