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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


My name is Char and I am the new Patient Care Coordinator for Doctors Care. Before taking this position, I was the gal who had the pleasure of welcoming all our new patients by facilitating the Group Information Sessions. If you attended one of my sessions you might recall my little saying of “remember to put on your attitude of gratitude” when you visit one of our providers and let them know how grateful we are for the services they provide. Well, today I met one of our patients who had made a beautiful Christmas arrangement for Doctors Care to show her gratitude, and I was reminded of how grateful I am to be a part of Doctors Care.

I am grateful for all the wonderful patients I get to know and help on a daily basis. I am grateful that I work for such a wonderful organization whose mission is to help all kinds of beautiful people. I am grateful for all of my fellow co-workers and our volunteers; and yes, I too am very grateful for all of the providers that volunteer with Doctors Care so that we can make all of this possible.

My challenge to each and every one is to take some time and think about what you may be grateful for as well.

Beginning to tune into even the minutest feelings of … gratitude softens us … If we begin to acknowledge these moments and cherish them … then no matter how fleeting and tiny this good heart may seem, it will gradually, at its own speed, expand.”  - Pema Chodron

Blog Post contributed by Doctors Care Patient Care Coordinator Char Patton.

 Doctors Care patient Charlene S. with Patient Care Coordinator Char Patton



Friday, June 29, 2012

Gratitude: It is what keeps me going.

Last week a patient thanked us for getting her a much needed eye surgery. This week a patient thanked us for treating her so well in the clinic. Today I thanked a volunteer that touched my life ever so gently and shifted our course as an organization. It re-confirms my belief that I never know how the next person I meet may have a profound impact on my life. This volunteer entered Doctors Care when I needed him. At the time I didn’t even know how much I needed his knowledge, skills, and experience. The help he provided was extremely valuable in guiding Doctors Care through some very rough waters, and he taught me a lot of things I did not know. Though I hope Doctors Care will never have to travel down the same difficult road, I am confident there will always be people who will help us. So many patients feel the same way. Doctors Care will be there to support them on their journey...I am so grateful.


Blog post contributed by Doctors Care Executive Director, Bebe Kleinman