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Thursday, April 19, 2012

While there certainly was transition in going from being a volunteer at Doctors Care to coming on as a staff member, the elements that drove and touched me the most as a volunteer became increasingly integral to my work as a staff member.  I could certainly point to many aspects of Doctors Care that I liked, however the most amazing part of being here was seeing firsthand the passion and resilience of the human spirit in patients as they made their unique journeys towards wellness.

It was not long after I began volunteering at Doctors Care that I encountered this experience. I remember in the early months of volunteering here, I caught the first glimpse of resilience in a potential patient that I had not experienced up to that point in my life. On a Friday afternoon I was on the phone with an uninsured woman with end stage cancer, few options for health care and many additional burdens in her life. In spite of all of these difficulties she was one of the most optimistic, hopeful people I had ever met. She had such an amazing energy and was incredibly proactive in her care.

Every day I get to work with patients that possess a certain level of resilience within them. In my position as the behavioral health assistant, I often encounter individuals in crisis or with many wounds from their past. These challenges often spur their resilience  as they work towards wellness. I consider myself fortunate not only to witness the growth and resilience of patients, but to also be a small part of it.


Blog post contributed by Mental Health Assistant Emily Briese.