About Us

Our Mission: Doctors Care provides access to quality, affordable health care and services designed to reduce barriers to health for low-income people in need.
Located in Littleton, Colorado, Doctors Care is a nonprofit organization that helps underserved children, adults and families receive the medical attention they need.  Our dedicated board, staff, and partners have served countless uninsured or underinsured patients since 1988, and continue to watch individual lives transform because of the work we do.

Our Status

Doctors Care is a not-for-profit agency with 501(c)3 status.  To obtain a copy of our tax exemption verification, please contact Barb Hanson at bhanson@doctorscare.org or (720) 458-6173.

What We Do

Doctors Care has been improving the lives of patients for over 26 years by not only providing health care for the underserved, but also promoting education and self-sufficiency for individuals and families. The mission and model of the Doctors Care program continues to be that every patient receives health care, education, and eventually becomes insured.

Doctors Care is committed to opportunities presented by the Affordable Care Act, while continuing to respond to the needs of the underserved. To meet those needs, Doctors Care offers 4 Core Services including:  Doctors Care Clinic, providing quality, affordable sick and well-care visits to children and young adults age 35 and under; Access for the Uninsured (formerly Sliding-Fee-Scale) helps connect low-income, uninsured individuals to affordable treatment for medical needs through a network of providers that bill on a sliding-fee-scale; Connection to Coverage helps individuals apply for Medicaid and subsidized insurance plans through the Connect for Health Colorado online marketplace; Patient Health Navigation services help individuals identify and overcome barriers to accessing health care. Health navigators help clients understand their insurance coverage, get connected to social services, or overcome other barriers to accessing care.

Why We Are Here

Getting care to uninsured and medically underserved Coloradans presents a difficult challenge for organizations like Doctors Care. We are here to serve our community members in need, to renew their hope in a broken medical system, and to improve their quality of life.

Our Vision

A community where people in need have equal access to health care and are engaged in their own well-being. 

Our Values

Compassion:  We are dedicated to helping people in need.
Social Responsibility:  We believe our foundation is based upon grassroots and hands-on work in our community.
Inclusiveness:  We believe our work succeeds when we embrace a diversity of voices and thrives in an atmosphere of trust and empathy.
Collaboration:  We actively learn from our clients, partners, and each other to deepen our understanding of the population we serve.
Respect:  We treat those we serve, and each other, with courtesy, politeness, kindness and dignity.

Our Core Fundraising Strategy

Doctors Care is a financially efficient and effective organization, driven for over 26 years by a diversified fundraising strategy inclusive of individual, foundation, corporate and faith-based donations. Approximately one-third of the funding is derived from private donations, one-third is generated through income received from Medicaid, CHP and co-pay reimbursements, and one-third is provided by in-kind volunteer support. A $300,000 endowment, established through the Community First Foundation, helps ensure the long-term sustainability of programs for medically vulnerable and uninsured patients.